Album Review: Hlllyh - The Mae Shi

What happens if you get every good band on the planet to play at the same time? This does...

The Mae Shi's latest album, the utterly unpronouncable Hlllyh, takes its cue from The Flmaing Lips' kitchen sink approach and then fuses that punk asthetic to thick electronic melodies and basslines.

Opener 'Lamb and the Lion' sees the band fall down the stairs and pelt it out of the door, simultaneously hitting all the right notes whilst the amusingly titled 'Pwnd' is the sound of a pissed-off god wreaking his vengance: "Get 'em out of those bodies!"

Hlllyh boasts not only terrific ambition but a terrific variety and, more importantly, enthusiasm too. For evidence of the former just check out the ten-minutes plus 'Kingdom Come', a track that sounds like tech-trance and a Postal Service at once and is just one of the tracks here that sounds nothing like anything else on offer. Enthusiasm abounds on the likes of 'The Melody', punk rock vocals failing to drown out stuttering drums and inncessant Casio-esque melodies, creating something reminiscent of the fantastic Shy Child.

If you want to hear one band mastering a single concept look elsewhere. If you want to hear one band melting down the sound of almost every exciting band of the past five years into one piece you could a lot worse then check out Hlllyh, an album that sounds like ever last cell of your body having its own little revolution.

BP x