Album Review: Tapes - Various mixed by The Rapture

BlackPlastic has had a holiday - if you felt lonely in our absence then sorry.  If you didn't notice then well done, you successfully hurt our feelings.

Following on from last album, Pieces of the People We Love, and further demonstrating their eclectic tastes The Rapture are back with their first mix album, out on the ever reliable K7 imprint.

And it is, for the most part, a basement booty shaking riot that takes in thrills, spills and bellyaches in quick secession with tracks such as The Bar-Kays 'Holy Ghost' appearing in a track list alongside Ghostface Killah and 'Where's Jason K?' from the DFA's Syclops.

And BlackPlastic says "for the main part" because it, whilst it appreciates the guys' effort, it still isn't really ready to revisit Paul Johnson's 'Get Get Down'. On the flipside the band to incorporate a bit of Armand Van Helden's 'Flowerz' and, rather than spoiling the mix, it acts as a high point. It's undoubtedly one of Armand's finer, more subtle moments, and it shines as a result.

Overall this set represents a fantastic party soundtrack and whether it is in sunny disco in the form of Northend's 'Tee's Happy' or the 70s urban party chic twisted up into a k-hold that is Dances With White Girls' 'Everybody's Got to Make a Living' there is something to move you.

BP x