Album Review: Music Components - Rebotini

It's nearing Christmas, a time when BlackPlastic has to go digging a little harder through the racks than normal as the release schedule dries up.

The benefit of such dry spells is that they sometimes lead to you finding something a little different, like a copy of Rebotini's Music Components which BlackPlastic came across in Toulouse recently. Rebotini is part of Black Strobe, a group that (once they went their separate ways with Ivan Smagghe) seemed to lose all sense of what made them fantastic and so turned into a goth techno band as an outlet. Their début album, Burn Your Own Church, was not without charms but wasn't want people wants particularly either. Music Components, in some ways at least, goes back and delivers on the original promise.

This is an album of musical constructions produced using a selection of classic synthesizers. It's entirely instrumental, filmic in nature and jet black. An in that sense, it is a better realization of Black Strobe's promise that Black Strobe themselves are. The snide vocals of a 'Me and Madonna' would have been great but the throbbing electronics here are enough to deliver.

This isn't an album that needs much to be said - if you liked 'Inner Strings' and the thought of an album's worth doesn't sound boring then this is worth seeking out.

BP x