News: Kanye loves getting introspective and emotionally strung out just like you...

Mark our words - it is at this point exactly that hip-hop twisted in on itself and died.

Not content with rapping over the top of a old Daft Punk track (BlackPlastic thought he was supposed to be some uber-producer anyway, not P Diddy, where's the talent in bad rapping over someone else's good song, he's not even had to track down some unknown nugget...) Kanye now turns his hand to everybody's favourite manic depressive, Thom Yorke.

Taking the standout track from Yorke's Eraser (that is the title track, check BP's previous comment here) Kanye invites Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco round and they proceed to rap about fame and cash (in a derogatory sense of course, this is the noughties after all) over Thom's trippy warm electronic number. This isn't going to tear the fucking roof off, in fact it might make everybody want to call their mothers, and it is this fact that makes BlackPlastic really think. Think about it, the world's biggest hip-hop star is sampling (and we mean wholesale theft in reality) some winy white kid from Oxford. Where now? Sampling Cliff Richard? What do you mean someone's already done that?

Check it out over here.