Comment: Everything is beautiful again

BlackPlastic is suffering from man-flu but has been pondering the fact that music is once again more exciting than it has been in years. Not since 2003 have things felt so positive. Even the over-rated bands ('Hi there Klaxons!') aren't half bad.

This week BlackPlastic has been getting excited about:

  1. The Teenagers. This shit is beautiful. A Wonderful mix of lo-fi post-punk wobbly-ness and nu-rave attitude. They'll own the world one day, mark my words. Go over to Hype Machine and check out the ice-cold 'Homecoming' and the heart stopping 'Starlett Johansson' (you're no-one unless some random band has written a song in your honour these days). The Teenager's MySpace.
  2. New Young Pony Club. They may have had their slutty sounds all over Intel in their recent ad but BlackPlastic still loves them. New album Fantastic Playroom is out soon and there should be a review shortly. New Wave Nu Rave is so hot right now. New Young Pony Club MySpace.
  3. Mr Derry. No real idea what this is about but it dropped through BlackPlastic's letter box a few weeks ago and their single Goodnight/Beasts and Pearls is out soon. It's good ol' Rock 'n' Roll in the vein of The Kills and when the sun is beating down it sounds freaking awesome. If BlackPlastic worked in TV advertising and had a hip young mobile brand or something 'Goodnight' would get picked up quick smart.
  4. Shy Child. After releasing the enjoyable One With The Sun album a year or two back Shy Child have returned with Noise Won't Stop which features a couple of tracks from their debut re-tooled and upgraded (obviously their sleeper hit 'Noise Won't Stop', formerly with a 'the', is one of those cuts). One With The Sun reminds BlackPlastic of the chaotic and frenetic energy of the sorely missed Test Icicles. Album out now, review soon. Shy Child MySpace.
  5. Everything else: Ed Banger still banging; Indietastic discovering this absolute gem of a track by Spoon - spooky electronics abound; new Interpol material and remixes of Rihanna that go off like a flash-bomb.