Good things in 2007 part 1

Never one for lists, BlackPlastic is taking December as the
opportunity to touch on some good things that happened in 2007. Some
may have been mentioned on these pages before, most will not have.

Part One - Groove Armada release an album that doesn't suck and is, in
fact, surprisingly enjoyable.

After the disaster that was the critically lampooned Lovebox, 2007
should have seen Groove Armada packing up their toys and heading back
to the land of 'Ultimate Chill With a Pint and a Bag of Chips 08' or
something. Instead they teamed up with an unemployed ex-Sugababe
(someone get them a union) in creating one of the best pop singles for
this year in the form of 'Song 4 Mutya'. Blackplastic cares not who
you think you are, if the "bam BAM!" noise don't get ya something is

What's more, there was more good stuff on the long-player... Check out
the distorted pop-soul of 'The Things That We Could Share', Candi
Staton's guest spot on the wide-screen emo-disco-breaks of 'Paris' or
the tick-tick-boom of 'The Girls Say' where they out-Outkast Outkast
whilst throwing in some acid for good measure. The chill-out crowd are
even catered for in the form of 'From The Rooftops'...

If GA can sound this enjoyable when they do pop BlackPlastic will take
a fraction of the fun available here over a hundred albums worth of re-
imaginings of 'At The River'.

BP x