News: More Sounds of Silver 'out there'

If you've not heard any you're probably sick of hearing about it, but BlackPlastic has managed to hear another three tracks from LCD Soundsystem's forthcoming album, Sound of Silver, and as with 'All My Friends' it is all fantastic. In fact, fantastic doesn't do it justice. BlackPlastic would rather have just the four songs that it's heard from Sound of Silver than the whole of the first disk of LCD's debut album.

'North American Scum' is a hard-edged rocking number, a rant against perceptions of America and, quite possibly, a rant against America at the same time.

'Someone Great' features a portion of LCD Soundsystem's '45:33', but this time with vocals it is an ode to an unknown musician by the sound of things. Perhaps the least instantly accessible of the tracks BlackPlastic has heard, by the time you have heard James Murphy's climatic vocal, "When someone great is gone...", for the third or fourth time it is impossible not to love it.

The final track, which also happens to be the album closer for real is 'New York I Love You', a Bowie-esque paranoid rant at the state of New York post-9/11. The sound is elegantly wasted, the lyrics poignant and considered and the end result is probably the best example of song writing to come out of James Murphy. Truly, this track will give you goose bumps.

New York I love you, but you're freaking me out.