February Song of the Month...

This month BlackPlastic is mostly going to be bigging up everybody's brand new favourite band, Hot Chip. February's song of the month is 'Keep Fallin'', taken from their killer electronic music long-player, Coming On Strong.

Frankly Coming On Strong is good enough that you could almost have every track as a song of the month, but there is something about the funked-up gangstar swagger of 'Keep Fallin'' that makes it stand out. Bass lines and drums ripped out of a Daft Punk tune, had they turned into the best band on the planet rather than a tired joke, combine with Prince-esque vocals about Stevie Wonder ("Don't you know that even Stevie Wonder sees things? Don't you ever wonder how the hell does Stevie Wonder see things?") and almost haunting melodies. The result is something funny and timely yet at the same time packed with enough feeling that you can't help but really like it.

And then the song disolves into twenty seconds of Kazoos. Fantastic.

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