Belated Single Review: Jarvis Cocker - Still Running The World

BlackPlastic has been without a broadband connection for so long that this little gem has pretty much been and gone, nonetheless, it's too good to let it go under the radar.

BlackPlastic's opinion of Pulp and Jarvis Cocker have changed somewhat over the past few years, and our feelings for 'Babies' have already been detailed previously. 'Still Running The World' is the punk anthem of the year. Fantastic production and insightful lyrics come together to create something good enough that it ends up getting played six times in one morning. That doesn't happen very often these days.

When Jarvis sings "Well, feed your children on lobster and crayfish tails, find a school near the top of the league; in theory I respect your right to exist, but I'd kill ya if you moved in next to me" you just know there's a nation of Daily Mail readers out there living it for real. And the chorus. What a chorus.

Cunts are still running the world...

Easy enough on the ears that it's almost punk for radio two, were it not too punk for radio.