One More Tune...

So, what is the best song on Rob Da Bank's Fabric album?

That's actually quite a tough one. Rob's album is pretty great, if not the most original thing you'll hear all year. With Soul Mekanik's Get Wet appearing by track three there is still an awful lot of album to go.

Michael Mayer's Lovefood follows up on Get Wet nicely and Michael is great (his Fabric album is easily one of the best too). Nathan Fake (previously unknown to Blackplastic... Nice to meet you) has a couple of nice tracks slotted in before, at track nine, The Futureheads turn up with Kate Bush's Hounds of Love (Phones remix). It's good, but the remix doesn't add much and if you haven't heard this you need to get out more.

Track ten - Whitey takes us for A Walk in the Dark. Blackplastic love Whitey. He's great, and this is good too. Next thing you know some mad lady with a penchant for marrying Satan's grandpa turns up. It's the Fiery Furnaces, who Blackplastic hasn't heard before, but wants to hear again after this. Single Again is completely bonkers, sounding like nothing you've heard before with a fat drum beat riding a garage-type punk song. It is good. Better than Soul Mekanik's offering. It is almost the best song here.

A brief stop round Vitalic's house for Poney Part 1 via a few reasonably high-quality cuts sees us end up at Mr Fingers' classic, Can You Feel It? Still not the best track here.

The best track on Rob Da Bank's Fabric album is his 'One More Tune...' (i.e. that last song of the night that the crowd beg for), seperated as it is from the rest of the mix by silence. Jamie Principle's, sorry... Frankie Knuckles' Your Love. The original house record, Your Love transcends its genre. It is more than a record for dancing to, it is perfect for every location and time. The never-ending synth line combined with analogue bass and reverberating drums. The heartfelt vocal. Your Love is, without doubt, one of the best songs ever written. And as such Soul Mekanik never stood a chance.