December song of the month...

Yes, yes... Shock horror, it's only the third and BlackPlastic has actually got around to posting a song of the month!

Secret Machines - Still See You

BlackPlastic absolutely loves the Secret Machines. Now Here is Nowhere is such a fantastic album that words do not do it justice... Fantastic thick guitars enveloped in swirling, whooshing noises, a coherent theme runs thoughout the album making it all sound so much more like an album than most. Sadly it has been listened to so many times that for it to have the same effect as the first few listens BlackPlastic has to leave it on the shelf a couple of months.

It was with great satisfaction then that when BlackPlastic finally got around to listening to Secret Machines' debut mini-album it discovered 'Still See You'. Two minutes and forty-nine seconds of pure joy. That is the only way to describe this song. The first half slowly builds through gentle, almost oriental sounding guitars into a rocket of emotions blasts of at one minute thirty. At this point the song seems to literally hit the floor running, sounding like the verb that is motion. Brandon Curtis' vocals are completely breathless and when he sings "You know I still, still see you" it is impossible not to melt in the pure brilliance that is this song, it is entralling. As 'Still See You' fades out it sounds like the band probably just went on playing for eternity, riding their own wave of spaced-like sounds. Press the skip back button and play it just one more time, you know you want to!

Just buy it.

Buy it, it's fantastic!

Buy it at Amazon here. Or anywhere for all I care.

Buy it.