Album Review: Nights Out - Metronomy

Metronomy are fast being built up to be the new dance act it's okay for skinny jeaned kids to like and at times it has seemed that Joseph Mount is in danger of failing to live up to the hype. First album Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) was charming in places and benefitted from a lo-fi asthetic yet it lacked direction and failed to feel distinct, stuck as it was, somewhere between Basement Jaxx and Zongamin.

With a line-up now been bolstered by the introduction of new members Oscar Cash and Gabriel Stebbing and the criticisms levelled Pip Paine do not hold true for second album Nights Out. Much more of an album proper than Metronomy's debut, Nights Out is actually in danger of being a concept album and features some proper vocals, narrating the progression and destruction of a relationship. Hear a snatch of Metronomy and it sounds disposable and meaningless and yet, within the flow of an album, it is clear there is some emotional depth.

The path from the initial heady excitement of 'Radio Ladio' (probably BlackPlastic's favourite song title this year) and 'My Heart Rate Rapid' through to the commiserations of 'Heartbreak' and the eventual soul-searching of 'On Dancefloors' plots a clear story and it is never less than totally believable. And at the same time the songs are so catchy you will be attempting to hum tiny snippets of electro for hours after the album has finished.

The frank and very British vocals combined with an eclectic and confident penchant for demolishing genre boundaries in the most radio friendly manner possible mark Metronomy as the new Streets for these wonky electro times, only better.

BP x