Album Review: Ladyhawke - Ladyhawke

More music from down-under on the Modular imprint only this time it is from New Zealand and takes the form of shimmering pop music courtesy of Ladyhawke's eponymous début.

Capturing the dreamy melodies of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac and combining them with an accessible pop asthetic, Ladyhawke should be your brand new favourite pop-act (file her next to Robyn, Annie and Roisin Murphy). Join in choruses are aplenty ('My Delerium', 'Better Than Sunday') but where the album really hits is when the 80s vibe that permeates the likes of 'Another Runaway' and 'Back Of The Van' is ratcheted up a notch - check out the former's jogging-on-the-spot beat or the latter's fantastic "You set me on fire" chorus.

This is another album that really clearly demonstates what pop music should be: fantastic, catchy and beautiful. As Britney unleashes another turd onto the charts (sorry, the guys at Pop Justice are just wrong about this one) and X Factor gains its stride for another pre-Christmas FOC prime-time three-month ad campaign you can be damn sure that Blackplastic will be recommending this to as many people as possible. BlackPlastic is thinking that more thin, whiney, neutered, thinks-it's-terribly-risqué-but-in-reality-it's-terribly-tame, mass-produced pop is the last thing we need.

Yes, the state of the music industry pisses BlackPlastic off. Yes, it's always been shocking but that doesn't make it easier to swallow, especially when the labels are more clueless than ever and the model is coming apart at the seams. And so, to the idiotic people who saddle up to make another fame-starved middle-England loser a 'Christmas' number one (don't even get BP started on what is wrong with such a notion) BlackPlastic says:

You set me on fire.