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EP Review: The Bit Parts - Youth Sounds

Brother and sister duo Youth Sounds' The Bit Parts EP treads a line somewhere between the dazed show gazing vibes of School of Seven Bells and something much more 'pop'.

Which means it is something of an unashamed pleasure. And so there is nothing challenging about The Bit Parts and in all honesty, in some ways that is a shame. The duo are clearly at their best when forced down a path other than the straight up ditty that is opening track 'As Strangers Would'. 'Smoke and Mirrors' goes for a comparatively stripped back approach - it is the distortion of The Jesus and Mary Chain applied to the Pixies quiet-loud-quiet methodology. By far the best of the three tracks here, it really allows Erika Mejia's breathy, whispered vocals to shine.

So The Bit Parts demonstrates that the Youth Sounds have promise. The choice is theirs as to whether they turn into an interesting band or simply the coolest band your mum listens to.

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