EP Review: Lunatic Fringe - Lee Curtis

Lunatic Fringe - Lee Curtis

Curtis' new release on Visionquest is due for release next week and on it he embraces his sleazy side, creating a selection of three tracks that at times push hard against the boundaries of taste and decency. But that's probably the point... Just be warned that if you don't like pussy you may want to give this one a miss.

A-side 'Body Twitch' is the source of a lot of male libido but when Curtis isn't threatening to make your lady-parts twitch or "working like we're making kids" the track itself is a sweaty, heavy work horse. The deep vocals are almost a distraction from the booming synthesiser that wobbles with acid and lustful ambition whilst a simple drum pattern caps it off. It feels like Curtis is going for crossover appeal here - the lyrics are slightly obvious but the track is carved out of pop gold, as influenced by hip-hop as house or techno.

'Freaks' is a bit less intense on the lyrics front and a little more conventional in its production style. There is still a vocal in place, the sound of deranged dance floor desperation, but it is less overtly confrontational. The music is less immediate - electronic sound waves rush forward whenever the song picks out the melodies that signify the break but there is still a dirty sounding beat-orientated sound to the whole track.

Final track 'Haters' is reminiscent of Curtis' brilliant 'Candy' from last year. The track layers big synthesisers to create giant swaths of ambient noise and gradually building distortion. It isn't as outwardly optimistic as 'Candy' however, infected by the darkly distorted worldview peddled by the rest of Lumatic Fringe to make a swirling whirlwind of mildly psychedelic techno.

Lunatic Fringe is released on 10 September through Visionquest