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Single Review: Edits - Sole Emsemble

Edits - Sole Ensemble

A fairly mysterious release from an anonymous Bristol based producer here. Sole Ensemble isn't a DJ and therefore doesn't want people worrying about who he is - seems he'd much rather people focus on the music.

This (pretty much untitled) release features a couple of housed-up disco edits. First up is an edit of Brenda Watts' 'Who Needs A Love Like That'. It's minimal in approach, the looped chorus given lots of space whilst a shuffling rhythm provides backing. A chunky robotic bass line provides a layer of funk, creating a contemporary, stripped-back approach to disco.

On side-b we have an edit of a cover of Stevie Wonder's 'All I Do' entitled 'All For You'. I've not been able to identify which version the vocals here are taken from (and the press-release is very bare-bones) but the application is strong. Once again the track is stripped back but more of the vocal appears and as such it naturally feels more extravagant, layered with backing vocals and a complimentary bass line. It's a tight disco track kept to its minimum components but it packs a bit more soul than the a-side, perfect for pokey little bars and back rooms.

An unfussy release focused on delivering quality modern disco sounds, I like.