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Video: The Great Escape - Skeleton Jones

This, friends, is sublime:

Skeleton Jones dropped this into the BlackPlastic email inbox and we were a little bit hooked, to say the least. Previously a member of Dulbin band 8Ball, when the band split up Skeleton Jones was Kenny McAlester's response, in his words: him, an SP404 and a bass.

Judged on 'The Great Escape' we'd say things have turned out peachy. The song samples The Dovers' 'I Could Be Happy' but the deadpan vocals and muddied distortion are what make this work for BlackPlastic.

Raised on heavy metal (weren't we all - angst is a beautiful thing), Kenny was blown away by the discovery of Hendrix's Electric Ladyland, The Beatles and ultimately My Bloody Valentine's 'Soon'. Of these three the sound of Skeleton Jones is most reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine - particularly 'Soon' and it's looping, electronic structure - something that MCAlester hints at being no coincidence. The Jesus & Mary Chain and the Magnetic Fields are also all over this, which can only be a good thing.

Head over to Skeleton Jones' MySpace for more. McAlester is currently collaborating with some of the former members of 8Ball on a new project entitled Bearbones that he promises will be 'radically different' from the work from 8Ball.  An EP is likely within the next few months and it may well feature 'The Great Escape'.

Looks like Kenny may be one to watch...

BP x