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News: Free MP3 Downloads from R&S Records

R&S are running a giveaway at the moment where you can get five MP3s for subscribing to their newsletter.  The output of the R&S label is good enough that this represents a win-win scenario, truth be told.

BlackPlastic has been listening to one of the tracks - 'O'Loco (Sei A Remix)' by Sun Electric - and it is worth subscribing just to get this one track. Sun Electric have been releasing music on R&S since 1992 whilst Sei A (real name Andy Graham) apparently counts Ben Watt and Tiga as fans.

The track itself is a dubby, progressive track and it is the first time in years that BlackPlastic has heard a track of this style that manages to sound fresh. As one of the few progressive house DJs BlackPlastic doesn't always feel bored by it didn't surprise BlackPlastic when we discovered that Hernan Cattaneo is also a big fan of Sei A.

Head over to R&S to check it out!

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