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EP Review: Burn and Rise - Panic Girl

The press release postulates that Burn And Rise, Panic Girl's debut EP, offers a distinctive hybrid of trip-hop meets electronica.

On the whole it is right. BlackPlastic is not entirely sure how distinctive such a combination is but we would be lying if we didn't agree that the result is catchy.  The attention given to detail and something of the overall melancholic vibe to the record actually remind BlackPlastic of some of the more memorable offerings that came out of the progressive house rebirth back in the early noughties - the vocal tracks here being specifically reminiscent of Satoshi Tomiie's collaborations with Kelli Ali on 2000's Full Lick.

The difference is that Panic Girl's EP is much slower and sounds much more organic than any tech house and, to be honest, the variety and production flourishes stand Burn And Rise far apart from any of the staid, dull efforts that often get categorised as a mixture of trip-hop and electronica. At its best, as on the peaceful, zen-like 'Hide And Seek' Panic Girl is clearly excellent - the track boasts a wonderfully global feeling sound, and despite Panic Girl hailing from Germany the track feels equal parts east and west.

Check out the video to 'Burn And Rise', directed by award winning director Reza Dolatabadi, above. Burn And Rise the EP is out next Thursday 25 February on shadybrain.

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