nathan barato

EP Review: Back Up Queen - Nathan Barato feat. The Ride Committee & Roxy

There seems to be something in the water in Toronto - recent months have seen a burst of techno and clipped, minimal house releases emerge from the city to melt our icy hearts and win over our souls.

Nathan Barato's debut release on Rekids continues that trend, taking a 70s soul vocal sample, some additional camp vocals and adding them to tight, reverb heavy jacking house. The girl fight lyrics are a little much much the chunky drums and enclosed echoing ambience of 'Back Up Queen' make it a great soundtrack for dark moments in small, dark rooms.

Two remixes follow up the a-side. Oliver $ gives things a deeper, tribal feel that ditches the sample and gives the vocal more presence. The 808 Fake mix does the opposite, ditching the vocal whilst tweaking and looping the sample into a simple bumping minimal groove. Of the two mixes the latter is probably the better but they both lack almost all of the charm of the original, which has just enough funk and classic house atmosphere to make it a sweaty seven-minutes of pleasure.

Back Up Queen is released on Rekids tomorrow.