Video / Single Review: Us - Movement

This new sophomore release from Sydney's Movement has been out for a few weeks now but I've only just had time to really digest it and it's deserving of a listen.

Us - Movement

Us is a deep and sexy tangle of 90s R&B and rough rumbling bass dance music. Movement wear their hearts on their sleeves and this is a record that gives a voice to the inner thoughts of one half of a couple on the brink of… well, something. A confidence exudes as the vocals define the inevitability of reciprocated feelings and yet there is a nervous anxiousness - "And I could take you right now", the falsetto male vocals assert one moment, shortly before questioning "Did I push it too much". As a result the track bristles with a sort of confidence undermined by a very real sounding uncertainty and a sense of gender politics, the hollow and ambient sound only adding to the sense of mis-firing connections.

Us also includes two remixes. San Francisco's Giraffage lays down a sea of complex synth stabs, bass and glossy funk keys that opens the track up to create something a little more sensual. Kowton provides the concluding mix, moving in the other direction, offering up an intense bass-heavy version threaded with steel drums and urban intensity.

Us is out now through Modular, available to purchase on MP3 from [affiliate link]. Check out the video on YouTube above or listen to the EP in full through Spotify: