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Single Review: Something About You - Tensnake

Tensnake's mysteriously named 'Coma Cat' has become one of the biggest underground hits in the past few years. And understandably so - the fantastically old skool vibe is an undeniable pleasure, sounding like it came straight out of the summer of love with its wandering baseline and calypso percussion.

Considering the attention lavished on 'Coma Cat' the follow up, 'Something About You', seems to have managed to go a little under the radar. Don't expect that to remain the case - it just might be even better. The sound is similar - still wearing its proto-house badge with pride in it's squeaky stabs and loved-up piano loop. What it adds is a (tiny) bit more vocal and some warmth.

Where 'Coma Cat' just had snatches of voices this features the title repeated soulfully - ”Something about you baby". With a lovely glow surrounding the main piano break the vocal and the sound perfectly encapsulate the loved up feeling behind the original house scene... And that is the beauty of Tensnake: it makes you feel like you almost could have been there.

Jas Shaw's 'Alt. Mix' adds little. It's slower and has a few extra flourishes. The best thing about it is the gentle end, which eventually lets the beat drop away altogether, leaving a wonderfully laid back outro. Sadly it does a little bit less with the piano and so it doesn't quite capture the spirit as much as the A-side.

With this release Tensnake proves 'Coma Cat' was no fluke - time to keep your eyes peeled for more.

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Something About You is out now on Mirau Musik, available from Amazon.co.uk on MP3 [affiliate link].