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EP Review: Mixed Fortunes 3 - Rory Phillips

Rory Phillips, preparing for a spot of wiff waif presumably!

Rory Phillips has been delivering the goods through his DJ mixes and remixes for a while now and this original production is thankfully no different. This is the third instalment in the Mixed Fortunes series and this time Rory has teamed up with Martin Dubka.

Dubka is known for producing Ali Love and additional production work to some of Aeroplane's recent output, so he comes with form. Here the two of them team up on opening track 'Don't Stop', a staggeringly infectious, sweaty track. This has the same hard, fully-maxed treble kick to it of DJ T or M.A.N.D.Y. at their best, but Rory puts it to work on a funk bass line loaded with pure swagger. The vocoder vocal and staccato synth don't do anything particularly new - they just do it really well. Keep it clean, tight and sexy.

Back on his own on the flip, Rory turns in 'E-Bow' - a considerably slower, more atmospheric track. It puts some stunted live bass to work against a wall of ambient reverb-heavy analogue synths. Very different to 'Don't Stop' - this is closer to rock music and dub, and it shows off Phillips' production chops brilliantly as well as the capabilities of the E-Bow itself.

Mixed Fortunes 3 is released on Monday, preview it via the Soundcloud player below: