last waltz

EP Review: Trinket - Last Waltz

Image source: Dalston SuperstoreLast Waltz are trio Geoff Leopard, Mick Rolfe and El.Dee and when they aren't making electronic music they are celebrating it through their Dada parties set in England's North East. Trinket, to be released through the pretty much on fire Future Boogie, is their debut release.

The title track is a free fall through space, warm cosmic rays sweeping past the listener as half-formed refrains of piano echo past and a determined glockenspiels are scattered across the soundscape. And it keeps coming back to the same momentum establishing bass line - at times it drops away, emphasising the tightly wound constructions, but it always comes back.

In contrast 'Ashes' is steady, a drum beat marking the way forward like lights rhythmically illuminating the motorway. Still equally cosmic it also features a deep analogue melodic bass but the vicious toms and hi-hats drenched in reverb steal the show.

London-based Bad Passion provide a remix of 'Trinket' that is more direct. The smattering of percussion and the piano continue to work well but the drum beat feels needlessly harsh and the speed too fast in comparison to Last Waltz's effortless original.

Trinket is out now on vinyl and released on MP3 on 12 August 2012, available from here and here when released respectively [affiliate links].