EP Review: Dimension E.P. - Paji

This new EP from Germany's Paji sees him teaming up with Kitt Ball's Juliet Sikora and the pair create an approachable, refined take on house.

That title track is polished and refined, both Paji and Sikora's production styles demonstrating an attention to detail in the snap and crack of the drum patterns. Electronic chords give the track a deep, moody sound and  the vocal sparring lends the track a sassy edge. Dimention is minimal-esque in, the tough and slow sound cool but eminently accessible.

Lacerta backs the release and represents a solo production for Paji. A guitar lick gives the track a lightness that contrasts with some heavy beat work... And whenever I hear guitars in dance music like this I can never understand why they are so rare. Sexy as hell.

Dimension E.P. is out through Kittball now.