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Album Review: Junior - Röyksopp

Röyksopp seem destined to be a band that exists in the shadows of their own songs - a bizarrely twisted victim of their own success. The problem is that they write such a catchy tune that most people never get beyond 'the one of the adverts that Soulwax mixed with Dolly Parton' (that'll be 'Eple' then). Worse faults have been suffered by bands but still, it seems that they will forever be a victim of that first breakthrough track.

Junior may not address that concern completely but it does have a jolly good try. The sound is a little edgier, a bit more dance orientated in places, but the song writing is still there. Just check out the incessantly chirpy 'Happy Up Here' or 'The Girl and The Robot', a throbbing electronic pop track featuring Robyn on vocals - it's certainly good enough to secure Röyksopp prodctions duties on her next album.

The problem is that Junior still sounds too like Röyksopp. 'Happy Up Here' is catchy but in reality it just sounds like a funky take on 'Eple' with some vocals. As mentioned, the production, the SOUND and feel of these tracks has developed and evolved slightly. 'This Must Be It' takes 'What Else Is There', complete with guest vocalist Karin Dreijer Andersson of the Knife, and applies a new coat of paint. The problem is they've let the pop song beneath rot away leaving a track that is very similar in every way bar quality to a track on their last album.

Junior is nice background music but BlackPlastic challenges you, dear reader, to find one person prepared to name Röyksopp as their all time favourite band. They need to start showing us more - half an idea an album is only enough if you have so much passion that the audience is bessotted with who you are already. Next time - more, please.

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