EP Review: Driving Me Wild - Kahwe

Driving Me Wild EP - Kahwe

Driving Me Wild has moments that recalls the feeling when you walk into a club, building from snatches of noise and a quiet bass track. The big house piano that rides in late on into the first minute of 'Anything' captures that sense of rounding the corner and meeting the dance floor. Those keys drop, the room is in reckless abandon and everything changes.

Kahwe is 20 year-old Joe Cowie but this release would probably have you believe he has significantly more years in his record box than he does. Cowie's production work is based primarily around garage and 90s house but he manages to bring those two genres together without the spirit of either conflicting with the other, and at its best, the EP captures the very feeling of clubbing.

'Driving Me Wild' is a deep, a tightly focused house track with elements of soul in the vocal. The slick electronic bass seemingly bends round corners, creating a surprisingly melodic feel that provides a bedrock for the warm pads Kahwe throws at this track.

Despite a few retro touches the music on this EP comes off feeling surprisingly modern - the skittering beats and rap samples on 'Anything' adapted to suit the empty-pipe echoing bass noise. It's both respectful of the past and unafraid to experiment.

Final track 'Yew' is much more laid back. Whilst it retains a relatively uptempo rhythm the fuzzy sounds and blissful break create a very different atmosphere to round the EP off.

Driving Me Wild is released through Anjunadeep on 11 February, available to buy from Beatport here. Preview the EP below: