i like where i live

EP Review: Coordinates - I Like Where I Live

As I Like Where I Live, Dave McAdams makes indie-electropop and has just released his first EP, Coordinates, through Slow Receiver Records. And it's free.

This is why you should check it out:

1. It's lovely, like a stroll on the beach or a cup of tea with someone you really like.
2. It sounds a bit like the Postal Service and Stars, amongst others, and we like them. They are super-swell.
3. All five tracks are kind of neat. There is a nice mix of sounds but it all comes together well like a jumper your grandma knitted you.
4. It's less humiliating to use in public than a jumper your grandma knitted you.
5. 'You Took Photographs' is especially great, with a fuzzy little distorted bassline, a lovely vocal and some soaring keyboards.
6. The artwork is good. BlackPlastic likes artwork.
7. It's free.
8. Dave seems like a nice chap.

So there you have it. As it doesn't cost anything it seems a no brainer. Listening to Coordinates is like gazing into a photo of someone you used to love, so why not download it here?  For more news on I Like Where I Live, check out the MySpace page.

Oh, and did we mention it's free?

BP x