My Hero: DLR

Check out the Guardian's awesome classic interview with Van Halen's David Lee Roth, author of possibly the most insightful auto-biography I've ever read. Sample excerpt from the Guardian piece:

Van Halen won their first record contract in 1977, at a concert in Anaheim Stadium, when four hirsute figures – one with Roth’s flowing blonde mane – floated gently into the stadium by parachute. Van Halen were hiding in a van, dressed in parachute suits, and took the stage moments later. As a professional gambit, it set a certain tone which they have followed assiduously ever since. The stipulation in their performance contract that the promoter remove all brown Smarties in the bowl in their dressing-room (to ensure he has read the contract properly); Roth’s two black-belt midget bodyguards – such things, he suggests, are imperative for “overall ambience”.

Frankly if you aren't viewing your life as a circus show you probably aren't any good at being a rock star.

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