MP3 / Single Review: Sound Reaction - Grum

Put quite simply: This. Shit. Is. Hotttt.

Grum's been knocking around for those in the know for a little bit now but this track seems destined to take him over the top and turn him into a bone fide success, particularly as he's been lapping up airplay from Pete Tong et al.

Grum describes 'Sound Reaction' as "big, fun, noisy, and designed for the dancefloor. A mixture of rave and electro with a hint of disco. I'm very into 80s new wave and italo and came across this all just grew from there really."

He'd pretty be right but let BlackPlastic distill this for you into one easy soundbite:

'Sound Reaction' is nasty funk with a killer Daft Punk style bassline for summer-time goodtimes.

Download 'Sound Reaction' - Grum on MP3 (right click, save as).

Also well worth checking out is the Phantom's Revenge remix.  It adds a lovely high-hat rhythmic edge and filters the bassline nicely.  The result is a little harder but just as fun.

Download 'Sound Reaction (Phantom's Revenge Remix)' by Grum on MP3 (right click, save as).

Both mixes feature a really nice, summer vibe - it's very reminiscent of Fred Falke and Van She Tech. BlackPlastic looks forward to hearing more.

Check out more from Grum on his MySpace.

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