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Single Review: She's Bad - Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap

Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap's 'She's Bad' is without doubt the slinkiest little soul jam to have dropped through BlackPlastic's virtual letter box in some time.

Minimal in approach it focuses on doing not a lot but doing it rather well. 'She's Bad' screams for laid back afternoons on beaches, its keys hot enough to make the tarmac go sticky under foot and the snatched vocal performance straining under the weight of a sun-baked libido. This is basically what shithouse funky house would sound like if it wasn't shit an was actually quite good.

'Beautiful Thang' over on the flip is a little less irresistible but still a pleasant way to pass a few minutes, with a thick and slightly rude bassline. It's a more dance-floor focused affair and won't permeate your subconscious in the same way but the campy vocals provide a standout moment.

She's Bad is out on Double Standard Records.

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MP3: Water's Edge - Greg Paulus

Hopefully wherever you are this weekend the weather is as good as it is for BlackPlastic this weekend. Whilst soaking up the sun few things are better than a soundtrack of dubby house and as such we're extra stoked to be able to share this track from Greg Paules' What's Mine Is Yours EP.

Paulus originally got into jazz music via samples in hip-hop, listening to records by A Tribe Called Quest and J Dilla, and his listening habits manifest themselves in the playful rhythms and warmth of this record. James studied music and culture in Havana, Cuba, before moving to New York to continue studying jazz and classical where he has spent time studying and working with James Brown drummer Jabo Starks and Lauren Hill.

Following a period on tour with band Beirut Paulus has now settled in Brooklyn and is focusing on electronic music. He also records as Just One Night with Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf + Lamb, founder of Double Standard Records, on which this EP is released.

'Water's Edge' isn't a full on club track - take this one and keep it with you for poolside lounging and days on the beach... It's perfect for soaking up the summer sun to.

Download Greg Paulus' 'Water's Edge' on MP3 [right click, save as]. 

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The What's Mine Is Yours EP is out now on Double Standard Records.