fortuna pop

Video: Capricornia - Allo Darlin'

Allo Darlin' continue their onslaught onto my heart with their beautiful straight forward alt-folk pop records. 'Capricornia' has a chorus that instantly feels like you already know it. This has just a little more edge than 'My Heart is a Drummer' but it's just as wistful.

This video was directed by Nik Vestberg and Grant Wilkinson and 'Capricornia' (out now) is the first single lifted from Allo Darlin's second album Europe, due in May 2012 on Fortuna POP!

Video: I'm So Unclean - Evans the Death

Winning this week's award for Most Bored Looking Band in Serious Need of Shoes for their Lead Singer is Evans the Death. This video looks like lead singer Katherine Whitaker actually struggled to stop her male band mates from looking wistfully at flowers in fields for long enough to shoot something, god forbid someone might actually pick up an instrument and play something. I presume they are her band mates anyway. For all I know they might a collection of local trouble makers. The sort Cameron worries about. Or her over-protective brothers. Who knows.

Anyway 'I'm So Unclean' is rapid pop infused with door-slamming distortion and agression. It feels perfect for driving too fast on summer days, the only problem being that a) summer's over and b) it's too short (two minutes isn't enough to even get to the Co-op, I checked).

Still, good to know that Whitaker is thinking of us when she's making sandwiches. That's important.

BP x

I'm So Unclean is out on 6 September on Fortuna POP!.