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Mix: Hi-Hat Club Minimix by DJ Illiaz

I've touched on the Hi-Hat Club before, about a year ago when DJ Dexter released volume three, and so was excited to take hear that the label behind the series, Melting Pot, are to release a box set containing all five albums released to date.

If you are unfamiliar with the Hi-Hat Club it is basically a series of hip-hop producer albums - a bit like BBE's well known Beat Generation series (in which J Dilla's entry predictably owns) but with a slightly more cosmopolitan feel.

Hi-Hat Club Box Set Minimix (DJ Illiaz) by MPMCGN

Anyway - it's a pretty nice spring day here in England today and this Minimix of the series put together by DJ Illiaz is just the ticket: laid back and jazzy. It certainly makes me want to check out the rest of the Hi-Hat series.

Tracklisting below:

Twit One - Windyridge 
Hulk Hodn - Rawissue 
Suff Daddy - Chinatown Chill 
Dexter - One For Yusef 
Brenk - Cannibal Love 
Fid Mella - Hahaha 
FS Green - 1 Up 
Full Crate - Never Never 
djAdlib - Tatsusan

The Hi-Hat Club Box Set is out now on MPM, although it doesn't look to have had an UK release yet so keep them peeled. It includes five LPs, two CDs and a 52-page booklet.

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