disform 2012

Design: Disform 2012 Signage by Dani Wolf

Dani Wolf submitted these brilliant signage designs that he came up with for his final project at the Bezalel Academy of Design and Arts and they are absolutely fantastic. He put these together for alternative festival DISFORM 2012. In Dani's own words:

The signage system of the alternative music festival DISFORM 2012 has two purposes: to direct the audience, informing where each area is located; and to enrich the whole experience of the festival itself, by creating an engaging dialogue between the signs and their surroundings.
The animation and the editing are directly affected by the live music performances, using OpenGL technology. The additional layer of information is dynamic and updated in real-time in order to help the audience of the festival.

I love these designs on several levels - they look absolutely great and have an amazing amount of dynamism in the way they move in time to the music, something that is perfect for a music festival. I also really appreciate the detail in the way the signs communicate additional contextual information, with text highlighting which bars or toilets are busy and which have more capacity. No-one enjoys the toilet queues at a festival so this seems like one of those really obviously but ingenious touches.

Check out the video and gallery above to get a closer look.