EP: Desktop - Desktop

Desktop are Electric Six's Keith Thompson and The Pop Project's Zach Curd but unlike the output from their day jobs, based on their debut self-titled EP anyhow, Desktop produce slinky eighties influenced wunder-pop. We dig it.

Their three-track EP is available to download for free on their website and is well worth listening too.  As increasingly seems to be the case, this project was developed in remote-collaboration (a la the Postal Service) with both Thompson and Curd revising each other's contributions.  Based on what BlackPlastic has heard it works and we are certainly feeling these lazy summertime tunes, sounding like something created somewhere between New Order's ode to the Balearics, Technique, and Chicago house.

All we're saying though is it's still nice to, you know, see people in the flesh and all.

In addition to the free download Desktop will be releasing a very limited run of 200 12" inches with letterpressed jackets via Suburban Sprawl Music/Quack Media on September 29th, 2009.

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