derrick may

News: R&S return

Legendary Belgian electronic music label R&S are to make a comeback - if you haven't heard of them then the back catalogue speaks for itself...

'Classics' by Model 500, Aphex Twin's 'Ambient Works 85-92', Ken Ishii's 'Jellytones' and Dave Angel's 'Classics' are all to be re-released on 7 April.  These will be followed on 12 May with 'Classics' releases from Joey Belram (whose Energy Flash was released on R&S) and Aphex Twin together with Model 500's 'Deep Space' and Derrick May's 'Innovator'.

To celebrate R&S are giving away a download of the classic first track from Aphex Twin's 'Ambient Works...', Xtal, in exchange for your email address.  If for some reason you have never checked out 'Ambient Works 85-92' then this release should be something to look forward to.


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