Album Review: Moondagger - Deastro

Deastro's slept-on début rocked BlackPlastic's world gently last year when it was released exclusively on eMusic - it's emotive electronic distortion hit a chord and made us go a bit wobbly.

An if Keeper's was a pleasant surprise then Moondagger is a bone fide love bomb. Made of the kind of tunes that BlackPlastic would happily lose their head in for days this is an album that separates the wheat from the chaff of Deastro's previous work to deliver something that really qualifies him as a unquestionably individual.

Moondagger is full of the soppy electronic punk records and the result is a perfect soundtrack to runaway to. Imagine the Pixies meets New Order on the way back from the keyboard store. Exactly.

If Moondagger falls just short of classic status it is only due to a slightly inconsistent overall flow and slight lack of consistency but it is worth noting that this still represents a significant step change from the last album. With tunes like the anarchic and bonkers 'Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed In The Heart With The Moondagger By The King Of Darkness And His Ghost Is Writing This Song As A Warning To All Of Us' Moondagger simply has bags of charm.

At its best - on the irrepressibly enthutiastic 'The Shaded Forests (Gift Givers Version)' or the melancholic 'Kurgan Wave Number One' - this is spine-tinglingly good. 'Kurgen Wave Number One' is so unapologetically bang on the money that you can actually feel the sting from the love turned sour that inspired it just by listening. Music that evocative has to be worth something.

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Moondagger is out now on Ghostly International, order from on CD, MP3 or LP [affiliate links.

Album Review: Keeper's - Deastro

Push a button, turn a key, fire an engine. Stronger maybe but invincible, not. Less susceptible to weakness yet still caught off guard by glimpses of ghosts. Things may be fractured but with these principles and people on our side it'll take much more before anyone gives up. The individual calculations never mattered, it was the net effect that was important so as the acid burns the back of your throat remember: it. didn't. go. how. I. planned. it.

Seperate worlds but we're gonna make it.

This is what listening to Keeper's feels like. Keeper's is the début album from Deastro. It is shoe-gazing emo-chip-tune. My Bloody Valentine meets Postal Service. It's currently exclusive to eMusic.

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