MP3: River - Akron / Family

Akron / Family make psychedelic folk rock - like the sparkling imagination of the Flaming Lips applied to a sing song round a camp fire - and their next forthcoming album just might see them turn into a household name (in those cool households with lots of jazz records and an espresso machine at least).

The album, wonderfully entitled Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free, is out on 11 May 2009 in Europe.  BlackPlastic is currently loving 'River' - it's a pondering, whimsical and beautiful song and it sounds like staring out at the starlit night sky with a loved one or a good friend.  It's one of those songs that just keeps changing - rather aptly, somewhat like a river it builds and twists.  The clarinet accompaniment that comes in about midway through the second minute is good, but the song really takes off mid-way through when it begins to shimmer and the marching band percussion comes in.

A swirling whirlpool of knowing vocals and careful melody - download here (right click, save as).

The album is available to pre-order at Crammed and anyone that pre-orders will get an MP3 download of the album straight away.  The band are also touring Europe from May 16, details here.

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