EP Review: EP2 - Closer

Closer's catchily named EP2 follows on from (you guessed it) EP1 with a set of deep and atmospheric tech-house tracks. I'd not come across Closer prior to this release so haven't actually heard EP1 but this appears to be a pretty assured release for those that like their dance music swimming in melancholy, ambience and attitude.

Opening track What Have You Done To Us is relatively minimal - a soft, tubular-sounding bass line lending the track an early progressive-house feel while a dream-like male vocals come through that repeat the track's title. It's a moody, taught track but relatively tame in comparison to what comes...

The other original track, Change, is a significantly bigger track - the bass line drops shortly into the track and gives it a more upfront house sound. Crisp percussion and a snappy synth melody build whilst a soulful vocal protests at a lack of ability, or perhaps desire, to change. It feels like a protest dance record - one of those that plays up the difference and alienation of the dawn chasing nightclub crowd - but it's a pretty effective one. Change is catchy but understated, gritty and dark.

A dub of each track is included and gives the instrumentation a little more breathing space, but some additional mixes would have been welcome.

EP2 is out now on CLSR on 20 May.