Comment: Carling Summer Sounds competition

Carling approached me a few weeks back to introduce me to their new beer, Carling Zest, which includes a hint of lime... Perfect for the summer (or so they tell me!)

To get people feeling that summer vibe Carling have made a tool for that 'bottled summer' experience - it's a soundboard that you can use to make make sound and music collages up into a track. The results are kind of interesting, I went for a fairly percussive mix using the fan and the bees as bass, though my timing started to slide... you can check it out here. Have a go at your own by following this link - the best video will win tickets to V festival this year - if you make a mix be sure to share it in the comments below!

Altogether more listenable are the efforts Carling got three professionals to put together... To be fair, listening to these it is clear they were not restricted to a YouTube player based system with only a record button and a loop functionality but still - they are pretty good. You can listen to the tracks by DJ Yoda and Jaguar Skills here but DJ Food's is easily my favourite - check it out above.

The beer itself is also pretty decent - real ales are generally more my thing but Carling Zest will be great for summer barbecues and the added lime was less synthetic tasting than I thought it might be. It's also a really low ABV (2.8%) which is nice for a lazy afternoon drink when you don't want to have anything too heavy.