capablance & t keeler

EP Review: Acido - Capablanca & T. Keeler

This new Gomma EP from Berlin's Capablanca & T. Keeler is a dark, cosmic disco take on Balearic house - both disorientating and electrifying at once. Following on from the duo's previous release for Gomma, the percussive debut No Hay Ritmo, this is a wilder, more adventurous beast altogether.

The a-side is the 13-minute title track and it melds disco, Italo, punk funk and electro into an extended struggle. Imagine the slow descent of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' as the drugs wear off, eventually grinding you into confusion. It's probably the most experimental thing I've ever heard from Gomma and Capablanca & T. Keeler pull it off with aplomb.

'Tropanado' keeps things a (tiny) bit briefer at eight-minutes and gives us a slower, scratchy post-punk track with hints of ESG, Gang of Four and Liquid Liquid. It's a heavy, dubby and elastic track and the freeform structure and loose bass make it even more captivating than the title track.

The release is rounded out with a remix of 'Acido' by Sweden's Name In Lights, who give the original a more overtly epic feel with layers of keys and a four / four beat. It's mainly about the break though, which kicks in just over halfway through to give the song a momentary soulful feeling and a building acid crescendo.

Frankly it is all too rare to hear a release outside of DFA that manages to balance experimentation with this much sheer danceability and Acido is a credit to not just Capanlanca & T. Keeler but also Gomma. Go grab it.