bob harlow

Video: 026 - The Good The Bad Vs. The Nuclear Brunette

This jaunty little number recently landed in the old BlackPlastic inbox and instantly struck us as something a bit different.  What BlackPlastic doesn't know about The Good The Bad isn't worth knowing. Probably:

  1. The are from Copenhagen, where this video was shot.
  2. The video is directed by Bob Harlow and Martyn Thomas from and quite possible is NSFW.
  3. Their songs appear to be numbered rather than named, which appeals in a ruthlessly efficient type way.  '026' is taken from the imaginatively titled forthcoming album From 018 to 033.
  4. This song totally kicks the arse out of your day.

So that's it.  BlackPlastic's girlfriend said: "What's the betting this song will end up on a car advert by the end of the year?!", to which BlackPlastic replied: "None - the ad men just aren't cool enough".


BP x