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News: Justice return with 'Civilization'

Having been on hiatus for four years Justice are back with a new single (artwork left) and an as yet untitled album. The single drops on Ed Banger / Because on April 4 but you can check it out now as it is used in the Adidas advert below, directed by Romain Gavras, who also directed Justice's controversial 'Stress' video.

I can't hope but feel a little disappointed with this... Firstly the Adidas tie-in just feels a bit lame - an advert for a sports brand is hardly the most exciting way to announce your return - and more importantly it just sounds so very like the first album.

Hopefully hearing the full track (and the rest of the album) will prove us wrong...

BP x


Video: Hi Life - Syd Matters

Syd Matters - Hi Life
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Trippy video of the week award goes to Syd Matters, whose video for 'Hi Life' is an animated piece that actually looks a little bit like a cool video game. BlackPlastic hasn't come across Syd Matters before but their debut album, Brotherocean, comes out on Because Music in February. If this is anything to go by expect something between Radiohead and Notwist - bruised vocals and loneliness ensue. This sounds like the dead leaves of Autumn.

BP x