be free

EP Review: For Ever More - My Favourite Robot ft Northern Lite

Teaming up for this new release on Be Free are My Favorite a Robot and indie electronic artists Northern Lite. Together they have made For Ever More, a dreamy, dubby trip of a record. 

The original version is full of spaced out vocals and piercing synths. Chugging bass throbs beneath rapid rhythmic percussion.  The result is a deliberately paced record, full of fizzing attitude and glorious melodies. The Club Mix pushes out the length and amps up a clattering drum loop whilst a No Vocal version drops out most (but not all) of the vocal. 

Rounding out the release is a remix by Marvin & Guy, known for their releases on Jon Talabot's Hivern Discs and Young Adults. Here they create a brooding climatic minimal take that you can check out in full above.