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EP Review: Slipstream / Pressure's On - Estate

Out later this month, this is the first release on Minneapolis' Bass Nites Recordings to appear on and it features local three-piece Estate, with remixes from Dirty McKenzie, DCUP and Sloslylove.

Slipstream / Pressure's On is a double a-side showing off Estate's funk and house influenced pop sound. They've toured with Yelle and Ellie Goulding amongst others and on hearing their sound it's clear why - this is polished, clean electronic pop. The band make a point of highlighting its appropriateness for both the dance floor and home listening, and it is unashamedly aiming to cross-over.

Slipstream / Pressure's On - Estate

Slipstream opens, a slick melodic number with yearning end-of-summer vocals, a crisp bass line, sparkling disco melodies and a series of warm pads. It's a little clinical, but the warm production and that bass make it a pretty enticing soundtrack to beers by a sunny pool. The vocal is fairly incomprehensible but in comparison to some of the populist EDM flooding the market state-side this is pure gold.

Pressure's On is a little funkier, but still fairly horizontal, with a loose bass line, snappy drums and filtered vocals. The synth melody picks out a soft melodic patter amongst the reverb of the percussion that gives the track a cool, relaxed feel.

The Slipstream remixes struggle to keep up with the original. Dirty McKenzie's Flutestream remix layers the vocals over a chugging funk bass and hands over the centre stage to a flute solo - neither do anything for me. It's a little campy but more importantly not really any fun.

Also remixing Slipstream is DCUP, who does what DCUP is known for, with the Australian taking the filtered disco / crunchy techno thing popularised by Ed Banger a few years back. It's a chopped-up, funky take on the original - unfortunately what it achieves in catchiness it loses in originality.

Finally Sloslylove gives Pressure's On a Ballearic overhaul - guitar licks emphasised, atmospheric chimes added and soft, off-time drums providing the smallest sense of forward momentum. It's the more successful of the mixes and helps Estate lose a little of that slickness that currently stops them from being great rather than good. 

Slipstream / Pressure's On is released through Bass United Recordings on 25 March.