EP Review: High U Gonna Feel - Den Ishu

Previously unknown to me, Den Ishu has just released a really nice four track EP on Supernature.

Title track 'How U Gonna Feel' drops some heavy funk, a hard, substantial bass line keeping things moving amongst tweaking strings and the odd flourish of live bass. This is a track that instantly feels very, very close - the drums high in the mix and the whole thing incredibly crisp. It's a pretty irresistible start to the EP.

'Your Experience' may be a little less immediate, but it's just as good - a Detroit groove builds whilst a clipped vocal harps on about the importance of 'the experience'. It's clearly a dance floor piece but it does it pretty well. 'Say The Word' continues the progression - it's harder and more introspective than either other cut, synths swirling claustrophobically, holding one pretty much continuous warbling melody line for about a third of the song. With nice percussive breaks and plenty of high-end it once again proves Ishu's chops.

Avatism turns in a seriously deep remix of 'How U Gonna Feel' that focuses on a few key elements and throws in some piano jazz for good measure. It's very dark and creepy but also seriously catchy, dropping a massive bass line halfway through that you can't help but move to.

A really consistent but varied release.

High U Gonna Feel is out now on Supernature.