EP Review: Night Sun - Vidinovski

Night Sun drops later this month on the notoriously choosy and patient Argumento imprint. Since their first pressing in 2010 only a handful of releases have come out over the years - their focus clearly being on quality rather quantity.

That approach is reflected perfectly in this new EP from Vidinovski. Here the focus is truly on house music for the heads - there are no tricks here, just the soundtrack for big room dance floors and heavily vibrating floorboards. For all its subtlety this is big music that captures those fleeting moments of pleasure - losing yourself to the music, a crowd at one and the sense that you never want to come back from this.

There are three original tracks on offer. 'Night Sun' is made of ripples of warm, bubbling bass and aerial synths that wash over live sounding drum claps to make a surprisingly organic feeling uplifting tech-house track. In comparison 'Charge Point' is a little more tense, retaining a similarly tight and claustrophobic rhythm section complete with a couple of driving scattergun moments whilst the song makes a slow build to an epic break like a cry from the middle of the jungle. 'Period' is a little more functional, without the natural warmth of the title track of the excited of 'Charge Point', but it provides a deeper, more dubby sound should you want it.

A remix of 'Night Sun' from Ethereal Sound label boss Anton Zap is also included within this package. It's a little more intimate than the original, the drums toned down to a more straight forward four-four and a minimal rim shot whilst Zap reigns in the reverb. It doesn't have quite as much flair as the original but is perfect for that back room vibe.

With Night Sun Argumento have served up an undeniably quality release.

Night Sun is released on 22 June on Argumento.