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EP Review: Just Come To Me - Joost Kumtome

Joost Kumtome (pronounced "Just come to me" apparently... See what they did there?) are a pair of electronic producers who are currently keeping their identity a mystery. The Just Come To Me EP marks their debut release, out on ALiVE on 12 May.

The concepts surrounding the release feel about as tired as the EP format itself - a stunted and meaningless name, purported anonymity likely to conceal little beyond names most people won't have heard of anyway...

Yet the music itself deserves ears. Everyone Knows opens the EP with a rough bass line led track that melds bruised vocal inflections with rave-y electronics and reverb drenched drum patterns. Better Believe It is the biggest track here - piano scattered across more heavy bass, synth strings and soulful vocal hooks like shady afternoons dappled with sunshine. Final track Release Valve follows a straight up deep house template, sounding like early 90s Masters At Work via the London orbital.

It feels like an insistent and catch-up collaboration between basement London and bumping loft parties in New York... Just Come To Me is enjoyable when consumed without the baggage that comes with the EP's desire to differentiate - you are better off just enjoying it for what it is.

Just Come To Me is release through ALiVE Recordings on 12 May, purchase the MP3 on or preview the EP on Soundcloud above.