album review

Album Review: Mega Breakfast - The Chap

How to make a relevant album in 2008:

1. Take the most culturally aware sophisticate you know. BlackPlastic will refer to this gentleman as 'Ian'.

2. Force said gentleman to form band and make album in one week with no food, but plenty of cigarettes.

3. Threaten to cut off a finger whenever 'Ian' uses familiar song structures or dares to make sounds that could induce chin stroking in the listener.

4. In order to induce a further sense of urgency steal the masters on day six at 6pm, forcing 'Ian' to start again.

The resulting album would sound something like Mega Breakfast. It's diverse and chaotic.  It's reminiscent of Clor and Data Rock but with added smarts and, by George, if you know what genre it should be in let BlackPlastic know.

But most importantly it has enough pop hooks to drag you in and enough ideas to make sure you don't leave.

It sounds like sarcastic commentary on what it is like to be in an up-and-coming band,  It's unmistably London, 2008, but don't hold that against it as 'Proper Rock' will soundtrack BlackPlastic's election campaign when we run, if only for the "Proper songs about girls and clubbing" refrain, and 'Uss Wus' is an electronic gospal track for those moments when you feel defeated by your own ambition.

BP x