Album Review: FabricLive 45 - Various mixed by A-Trak

After making his name winning the world DMC mixing chanpionships and then as Kanye West's tour DJ A-Trak has gradually taken a sideways step towards a much more dance orientated sound. FabricLive 45 reflects that, taking the eclecticism of Hip-Hop (and Turntabilism more specifically) an applying it to what is largely a house set.

The results are pretty solid, if not necessarily innovative. Except for a handful of through backs most of the tunes themselves are pretty current and generally good, with the notable exception of the auto-tuned 'I'm The Ish' by DJ Class which makes Kanye's last album look like Sign o' The Times it's so shit (appropriate given the lyrics) - not even good in an ironic sense.

Predictably Zombie Nation, Alex Gopher and Metronomy, whose 'Heartbreaker' gets a spooky remix courtesy of Diskjokke (when did that name ever sound like a good idea?), all deliver the goods. With a mix between the squealling electro Zombie Nation have become known for together with more straight up house (the lush Aeroplane mix of Friendly Fires' 'Paris') the result is a suitably varied set.

The main criticism of FabricLive 45 would have to be that such variation ends up in a set that could simply do with a little more direction. It represents a good snapshot of 'now' but is unlikely to keep you coming back in years to come. What's more, given that this is a set from a World DMC Champion the mixing is functional over mind-blowing: this isn't to say it's bad, just that it isn't a noticeable as one might expect.

Overall a solid mix, just don't expect a revolution.

BP x